Office (Outlook) 2016 “toast” notifications not working on Windows 10

So I have had a few users now come to me and ask why they are not getting the “toast” notifications when receiving emails mainly on Windows 10 systems. Unfortunately there isn’t an easy answer to this but the good news is that there is a solution to this problem!

Now normally one would troubleshoot this issue by checking the “Display a Desktop Alert” option was ticked within the Outlook Options (as below). Most of the time this works am I right?

Unfortunately again after doing this, repairing Microsoft Office, testing sending more emails to myself it lead me into the IT brick wall we all run into. After much Googling plus trial and error researching I did stumble upon the answer myself!

Believe it or not the problem lies with the pre-packaged updates that most SOE teams like to incorporate into their Microsoft Office 2016 source folders. Why this is the case isn’t easy answered but the solution to resolve this is to remove those updates from the source folder (as below).


I performed a full complete uninstall of Microsoft Office 2016 and restarted of the PC after that. I then proceeded to load Microsoft Office without the pre-packaged updates (as above), quickly done another restart and tried Outlook yet again. This time with some great pleasing results!

Notifications are now working again!

So give it a try and let me know for yourself how it goes.

Image result for borat great success

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