If your Configuration Manager ADRs are failing then try this…

So just recently I went through my lab to do some OS deployment work and had a quick check of my ADRs only to find they some of them have been failing with the “Auto Deployment Rules download failed” description.

Looking back through the ruleengine.log gives a mass amount of “Error = 80” notifications.

Long story short on this one the way I resolved it was to clear out all the data from the C:\WINDOWS\Temp directory.

Open your command prompt and CD to the C:\WINDOWS\Temp directory. Then run the del *.* /f /s /q.

After that ADRs began working fine and the download was able to finish.

If you’re still having issues though please let me know via a support ticket (https://support.mykehnet.org) and I will be glad to help you. 🙂